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What A Chiropractic Adjustment is Actually Like in Brooklyn, NY

what a chiropractic adjustment is chiropractor Booklyn NY

What A Chiropractic Adjustment is Actually Like | Chiropractor in Brooklyn, NY

Hi, this is Dr. Dan from vibrant chiropractic care. Today I’m going to be going over instrument adjusting, because not everybody is capable or ready to handle a hands on chiropractic adjustment, which we do prefer to perform in this office. But for those that can’t we do offer an instrument adjustment. It works like a little miniature jackhammer, just to gently tap those bones. This perspective free things up a simple demonstration here. I like to add a little motion with it one way and turning the other way essentially heard. And there you go. Real simple. Another great way to get adjusted, and there’s no clicking popping or any odd noises or strange that you would feel.

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