Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain Treatment: A Chiropractor’s Perspective in Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY 

85% of all people will suffer from low back pain at some point in their life. Here at Vibrant Chiropractic Care we know that low back pain is the #1 cause of disability. LBP (low back pain), and the drugs prescribed by MDs to treat it, are major contributors to the opium epidemic. 

LBP is so common because of the modern stresses we experience like loss of core strengthening and bad habits. The low back is also extra vulnerable to injury or damage because it supports the entire upper body. Correcting and strengthening the low back early on gets better results and can prevent it from becoming a chronic problem. 

Acute low back pain is when it first is experienced while chronic low back pain is when it has reoccurred one or more times and may take more effort to correct. What leads to LBP is dysfunction in the muscles, ligaments, joints, and discs. Those structures can be damaged by traumatic events or wear and tear injury over time. Getting to the core of the problem will accelerate the recovery process and restore quality of life.

How We Treat Low Back Pain

in Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY

Comprehensive Consultation and Exam

Getting started is easy and includes a comprehensive consultation and exam where we really listen to your concerns and the goals you have for yourself. We discover your current abilities and restrictions with palpation, range of motion test, muscle testing, and any other necessary diagnostic procedures. All this helps us understand the underlying root cause of your problem.

Specific Chiropractic Care in Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY

Correcting low back pain is done with a specific chiropractic care plan designed for you. We know everyone is unique and has different needs and concerns. We tailor our care for each patient, gentle and specific for infants to the robust full hands-on “you know we moved the bone!” We also use instrument techniques where you will never hear any clicking or popping. This process takes pressure off the nervous system and allows the spine to function the way it was designed.

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Massage Therapy and Soft Tissue Work

We will work with the soft tissue using massage techniques to release tension and restore mobility, making the chiropractic process much more enjoyable. This makes chiropractic adjustments easier to perform and helps the improvements last longer.

Custom Therapeutic Exercise Plan

Custom therapeutic exercise plans are incorporated to enhance the healing process as well as strengthen and rebalance the muscular system. Curve and postural correction are processes we do in the office using the latest technology to assess and correct how you sit, stand, walk, and squat. 

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Deep Laser Treatment

Deep Tissue Laser

Deep tissue laser and light therapies are also part of the care we deliver. A light source is placed near or in contact with the skin, allowing light energy (photons) to penetrate the tissue and interact with chromophores located in cells. The photophysical and photochemical reactions help reduce pain, inflammation, and speed up the healing process. If necessary, we also offer sound and ultrasound therapy to break up adhesions and release stagnation.

Spinal Decompression in Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY

The spinal discs are a vital structure to the proper function of the low back. Discs can thin and be damaged by the stresses and injuries of life. Assisting with disc restoration through traction and adjusting while inverted allows for better results. 

Spinal decompression causes negative pressure into the discs' space allowing for improved height and hydration. Better height means the nerves have more room to do their job. This procedure enhances the lasting benefits of adjustments and exercise.

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Common Causes of Low Back Pain

in Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY

Bulged Lumbar Disc

Discs are the super tough shock absorbers and space maintainers between the bones of the spine. They allow our spine and body to have great expressive movement. Over time with life’s stresses, the discs can wear down and dehydrate. If the lumbar spine gets stuck or lacks proper motion, the disc wears down unevenly. That can start a chain of breakdowns within the disc which includes fibers tearing followed by the displacement of the nucleus. The nucleus is a super gel in the center of the disc, maintaining height and movement. 

Damaged discs heal slowly so prevention is the best route to take. When discs are damaged, nerves can more easily be irritated. This can lead to radiating pain that travels into the legs and feet. If you feel pain or other intense sensations travel into the buttocks legs or feet you likely have disc problems and it’s time to do something about it.

Degenerative Disc Disease

This is an age-related condition when discs break down. Factors that contribute to this condition include obesity, smoking, chronic dehydration, and work that is hard on the spine.  

This condition is a shrinking away of the disc. With the height and size of the disc getting smaller, openings along the spine shrink collapsing in on the nerves. This can cause pain, stiffness, weakened muscles or organs, and generalized discomfort. Unfortunately, degenerative disc disease can’t be reversed but can be slowed and stabilized if caught in time. Getting relief and restoring as much function as possible is the big goal with degenerative disc disease.

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Muscle Strain

Strains are dull, achy pain that intensifies with movement and remains localized to the low back. If this is something you have been experiencing, it is best to fix it early and prevent further degeneration. Sudden movement or repetitive motion over time, as well as poor posture and weak back muscles, are leading causes of this condition. It may resolve or come and go but could also be a sign of a bigger problem brewing.


The heart and soul of the chiropractic mission is to detect and correct subluxation. Unfortunately, most subluxation is painless or without obvious symptoms. It’s a condition where a spinal segment or joint has lost its proper articulation to the bones above or below and interferes with nerve impulses. The interference in the nerve system is a breakdown in the communication between the brain and body. 

We are designed to heal ourselves. If we are breaking down or not healing fully there must be something interfering with that natural process. The specific chiropractic adjustment is delivered to restore proper communication and allow the body to heal itself. Chiropractors are the only profession taught to detect and correct a subluxation.

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Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction (SI Joint Pain)

Inflammation in the joints between the sacrum and pelvis, on one side or both, can cause pain in the buttocks or low back. 15-30% of low back cases stem from the sacroiliac joints. This part of the body absorbs shock between the upper body and the pelvis/legs. Causes of the irritation of the sacroiliac joint may include leg length discrepancy (functional and structural), pregnancy, repeated stressing of the joints, having a lean or tilt, poor gait (walking), and bad or worn-out shoes. If not addressed, chronic pain and lost reproductive functions can result.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I be worried about lower back pain?

If you have been experiencing back pain that prevents you from performing normal activities or has persisted for more than a week, it’s time to act. Worry is a waste and does nothing to fix anything.

When should you see a chiropractor for headaches?

Headaches are not normal and a simple spinal screening or exam can determine the underlying cause and put an end to suffering.

What can I do to relieve my lower back pain in Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY? 

Lying on your back, bring one knee to your chest and hold for 20 seconds. Repeat with the other leg for 20 seconds. Then hold both legs for 20 seconds. Repeat until maximum relief.

How do I know if my back pain is serious? 

If it prevents you from doing normal activities or has been persistent and not getting better, it’s serious. 

What causes lower back pain?

There are many causes. The major ones include trauma, repetitive stress, poor posture, scoliosis, unsupportive lifting, prolonged sitting/ standing, pregnancy, degenerative disc disease, and herniated and bulging discs.

How can I relieve my headaches? 

Put an ice cube on the web of skin between your thumb and index finger. This reflex point can often give temporary relief. If one side does not work, try the other.

How should I sleep with lower back pain? 

Sometimes low back pain can be related to the specific position you sleep in, in which case experiment until you find the best position. If you are still having trouble, we recommend a pillow between the knees and another under one side of the hips. Listen to your body and do what feels best.

How do I tell if lower back pain is muscle or disc?

Pain from a disc can include loss of feeling, tingling, or numbness.  Muscle-related issues may have bruising and not include the above symptoms.

Why won’t my low back pain go away?

There is likely a structural misalignment that has not been corrected and won’t get better till it is addressed. Chiropractors are experts at fixing misalignments.

Can a chiropractor in Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY help with lower back pain?

Yes, we pride ourselves on getting great results with our patients. And to make it easier we are running a special for new patients!

What is better for lower back pain: a chiropractor or massage?

Massage will help with only one of the causes of low back pain, the muscles. Chiropractors can address all the causes of lower back pain and is thus a more comprehensive approach.

How can you tell if your spine is out of alignment? 

Often being out of alignment may have no noticeable symptoms, getting a chiropractic check-up is the only way to find it. If you are having symptoms, you are likely to be out of alignment.

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“I was suffering from back pain and on so many pills to try and control the pain. Dr. Dan at Vibrant Chiropractic Care is a life changer! He treats his patients like family and his plan for me has me PAIN FREE! Now I can manage my life without being on strong drugs!”

Jerry S.

See What Others Are Saying...

“For 6 months I wasn’t able to turn my head let alone play the sports I love. The neck pain I was experiencing was terrible. In just a few short weeks at Vibrant Chiropractic Care I am not able to turn my head normally again along with getting back to playing the sports that I enjoy. Thank you Dr. Dan!”

Aly J.

See What Others Are Saying...

“My shoulder pain getting gradually worse. I was having a hard time sleeping and couldn’t even throw the baseball in the backyard anymore with my son. Family time was NOT enjoyable anymore. After seeing Dr. Dan we figured out what was causing the problem and within a few weeks I was able to sleep through the night and get back to enjoy activities with my kids!”

David T.

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