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Detecting and Correcting Scoliosis In Brooklyn, NY

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Detecting and Correcting Scoliosis Chiropractor In Brooklyn, NY

Detecting and Correcting Scoliosis | Chiropractor for Scoliosis in Brooklyn, NY

Hey everybody, this is Dr. Dan from Vibrant Chiropractic Care. Today, I wanted to talk about scoliosis and what we do in our office in order to help with those conditions.

The Importance of Detecting Scoliosis Early

But first, you know, being able to detect scoliosis is really critical. So I hope more parents get to see this as, especially anybody with young children, because the earlier that you intervene, the better off outcomes are, and the better opportunities your child will have. So in order to see if you have some of the early signs of scoliosis, you want to be looking at your child’s back, or at any age, you can also have this evaluation done. But what we’re looking for is we want to see a straight spine. But when we see an extra rounding in some areas, it’s indicative of the spine having an extra curve. Now that curve is more than 10 degrees, it’s definitely a scoliosis. But, you know, intervention from most medical doctors won’t even happen until it’s over 40 degrees of extra curve, which is really can be devastating to the body. So the way that we would want to do a quick evaluation is you want to find the bottom of the shoulder blades, and then have the person go forward as having been forward. And it does shift a bit, so come on back up. But you can see that the shoulder blades are not lining up quite properly, that’s a clear indication that there is an extra curve happening in the spine.

Restoring Motion Back into the Spine

So the way that we would go about correcting that or helping to stabilize it, and restore that motion back into the spine, because it’s the stuckness or the bones being jammed into that position. That’s the real problem. So one, we would want to get in there with some percussion or a deep type of massage to start to break up any adhesions, tight spots in the muscles. And then we’re also going to come in, we can either do an instrument or hand adjustment, we’re going to be working against that curve to start the brain in order to start to bring that extra curvature back into a better alignment, where there’s going to be much better motion in the spine.

So if you know anybody that’s has scoliosis or seems a little uneven, we’d love to help. We’ll see you soon.

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